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don't be the "former" event planner...

google "bob"

It’s almost embarrassing when people call me for a show. If I know they're shopping I tell them, and I’m telling you, to Google Bob Sheets magician. Bang! You’ll get 1,740,000 results in (0.21 seconds) Then Google the other guy.

I sometimes feel sorry for the other guy.

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bob's the best?

"I can't thank you enough! What a pleasure to witness all around. When my husband saw you he lit up like a kid in a candy store, pure excitement. Seeing your show for the second time was even better than the first, which was terrific! Wow! What else can I say; you really made the party a success!".
Charlene and Joe Pecoraro, for Joe’s 50th birthday celebration dinner.

"Great magic, great was like getting two entertainers in one. Bob delivered!"
-Bruce Hoffmiester, Marriott

you'll wish you did

world famous?

In 1996 I entered Ron McMillan's "International Close-Up Competition" in London, England and won the competition. What a thrill it was to receive the trophy and cash prize on the stage of the famous London Palladium.

That was the beginning of my international travels in over 20 countries. Last years travels included 3 weeks in Shanghai, an Indian wedding with 10,000 guests and a magic lecture tour of France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany and Italy. It's good to be Bob.

20 countries and counting